How To Enable Youtube Video Monetization To Earn Money

YouTube has enabled channel monetization in Pakistan. According to Support Google, Pakistan is now added in the list and people can benefit from this lucrative platform.

After this announcement, many Pakistanis still do not know how to enable YouTube monetization for their channel and start earning money.

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Here is the step by step guide how to Enable YouTube monetization for your channel.

1. Sign into your YouTube with Gmail ID.


2. After sign in click on top of the right corner.


3. Click on Channel Menu on The Left Side


4. Click On Enable


5. Click on Enable My Account


6. Follow the wizard by accepting terms and conditions


7. Click On Got it and you are DONE!


Now Your YouTube channel monetization is enabled .Next step is to connect your Adsense account with YouTube.

Note: Only original videos can be monetized. YouTube has this algorithm that detects any copyrighted videos/music. Any copyrighted video is not permitted to monetize and could result in ban of your Adsense.

This is a Guest Post by Bilad ul Amin

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