One Pakistani Out of 6 YouTube Celebrities Will Lead the Charge in $1 Million Backed ‘Creators For Change’

Over the past decade, YouTube’s involvement in our lives has changed. It has become one of the most eccentric community on earth where you can find amazing content posted by common people. Aside from some of the funny and musical videos, YouTube works as a powerful force for social causes, education, providing key insights and lessons for the best utilization of a video.

YouTube is also a good platform for people who want to focus their efforts for social good, activism, and free expression. There are many strong communities of everyday creators who are using their popularity to positively influence the other communities. Because of such efforts, YouTube has become a global town square for people who want to learn.

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After realizing the efforts of such groups, YouTube has decided to locate one million dollars to support videos that are serving a good social cause and have a greater production value. This will be processed in the form of a new global program named as “Creators for Change”.

This program consists of three famous YouTube Celebrities who have already made a name for themselves on this platform. This group includes Hamza Arshad, Baris Ozcan, Omar Hussain, Nilam Farooq, Abdel en Vrai, and Natalie Tran.

This group is led by one of the Pakistani YouTube celebrity, Hamza Arshad.Living in UK, Hamza’s home made videos have over 60 million times making him a popular YouTube star.

These celebrities have a great impact when it comes to promoting social issues around the world. This group includes teenagers who have been focusing on the challenges that are being faced by the teenagers of the growing urban environments. For now, only these six celebrities are working for the program and will be on the lookout for people who are surely making a big difference with their videos. But YouTube plans to expand this program and include more celebrities with the passage of time.

Over the course of one year, the creator’s job would be to start new programs around the world for bringing a social change. YouTube is also working with many schools, NGOs and various media companies in order to create more awareness regarding the arising social issues. has established a $2 million fund to support individuals who are effectively creating an impact on the community with their strong videos. The services of Google in this regard are very noticeable. In support of such people in the past, Google allocated $5 million for social justice innovators, $20 million for the improvement of disabled people and around $40 million in order to facilitate K-12 classrooms with computer science education.

YouTube is serving as the ultimate platform by giving people the ability to connect and stand for a social cause and raise awareness worldwide. Hamza Arshad and Natalie Tran are those people who have used their abilities to raise their voice through YouTube and lead its new program “Creators for Change” for social change.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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