Thinking about a career change? Avoid these 6 mistakes

When you suddenly realize that your personal values are no longer part of the field or you notice that you are passionate about something else, you think of taking next big step. It is scary, but it is the time when you need to make a career change. But changing a career is never easy as there are some mistakes that can overhaul your entire working life. So, when you are keen on revamping your career, you need to restrain yourself from few things before launching yourself into a new career.

When you have a fresh challenge ahead, you need to avoid these things:

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Think twice:

Career change can bring a lot of impact on your personal and professional life; therefore, invest time to think twice about it. Unhappy phases in a job keep on occurring but it does not mean that you need a career change. Ask yourself why you are dissatisfied with your job and how going forward can make you happy. Answer yourself honestly and then decide about making the change.

Just a high-paying job:

Reaching for a high-paying job is no doubt necessary from financial aspect but it does not mean that you make a career change only because of higher salary. The career you are adopting must be a match to your strengths, your values, interest, and should provide you a work-life balance.

Having no job lined up:

Researchers have proved that getting a job while you are employed is easier. When you are jobless, then the hiring manager think twice on calling you for an interview. Therefore, it is best to first get a new job and then resign from the one you are doing.

Not refreshing your resume:

The worst mistake that you make while opting for a new job is that you use the same old resume. Every resume needs to be tailored according to the industry or field it is being sent for. You need to check which of the skills are desired by that industry and what credentials are truly valued. You cannot get a new job based on the same resume.

Study about the new field:

You cannot make a career change just on the basis of your skillset. You need to research the industry you are planning to go into. You need to find a position that not only matches your skills but also your career goals.

Ignoring the power of networking:

Just researching about a field is not enough; you need to actually talk to people who work in that field. They will give you a better idea that it is like to be in that field. For this purpose, you need to keep refreshing your contacts and stay informed about the companies and positions.

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