Samsung’s Galaxy S9 could have an unlocked FM chip and that will be very useful

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is reported to come with a feature that could let you listen to the songs on the radio, as well as inform you and keep you safe in an emergency. A company that manages the Next Radio app called Tagstation has announced that Samsung is planning to turn on the FM radio chips which was previously blocked.

Unlocked FM Chips on Samsung Galaxy S9 would mean users can listen to free FM radio signals the the NextRadio App. Right now, users are required to listen to their favourite radio channels by only internet streaming.

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The decision to allow unlocked fm chip could well be the result of recent hurricanes faced in USA where phone signals were lost and internet was not working either. With the availability of radio signals, people will be informed in advanced about the emergency and also get safety alerts by tuning into their favourite radio channel.

This move could save lives in the times of natural disasters in the future.

Via: TomsGuide

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