6 Ways how to keep your memory firing strong?

For most of the people, their memory and ability to recall is less than ideal and they keep on complaining about it. It feels horrible when people start forgetting someone’s name, appointments, telephone numbers, directions, and even punch lines of jokes. But memory is one of the precious functions a human brain can perform. People fall for pills and medicines to improve their memory functions but what they truly forget is that brain is the most powerful computer then any computer. It is far better than anything money can buy and it is capable of storing and recalling information. For most of the people, however, the memory sits up there unused because only ten percent of the brain actually works.

Based on theory and practice, there are many ways you can make your memory work better. Following are the techniques that you can follow to produce remarkable results in short space of time.

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1. Interact with others:

People who stay socially active are considered to have healthier brain biology. It is not affected by the age and such people perform better on tasks that involve memory. Your brain needs to be constantly challenged for staying active therefore interact with others and learn new things.

2. Think in the form of images:

According to researches, when you try to think of a name or place, your mind starts to visualize it. Therefore, for remembering any name, link an image with it to help recall the information. When you will see people the next time, you will instantly think of the image you have created for them. The image associated with their name will help you remember it.

3. Create a memory palace:

Creating a memory palace is imagining the pieces of furniture in a room and assigning them with the things you are hoping to remember. In this way you effectively turn pieces of furniture into a storage palace for your information.

4. Keep focus on one thing:

Your memory works best when you focus your attention towards one thing. For example, you can memorize the grocery list if you only focus on the things that you have to buy. But if you are texting at the same time and looking for keys as well, then you will not be able to remember things that you need to buy.

5. Engage in physical activity:

You need to exercise in order to keep your body fit. But this physical activity is not just beneficial for your body, it helps to keep you brain active too. When you get engaged in a physical activity, molecules that help with synapse formation and brain cell repair are produced in your brain. These both are beneficial for our memory function.

6. Sleep:

According to science, sleep plays an important role in keeping your memory sharp. Over time, the brain accumulates amyloid, which is a protein seriously linked to Alzheimer’s disease. But this toxic protein gets cleared away once you sleep and decreases the possibility of dementia. Hence, sleep is necessary for keeping your brain function properly and to keep the memory sharp.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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