These 6 body language signs say everything about you

Today, a number of misunderstandings about body language have become part of modern culture. But what we are mostly unaware of is that gestures are not ambiguous, they have a specific message to deliver. By the time we become adults, the way we stand and gesture becomes part of our personality. But there are so many body mistakes we make and carry on throughout our whole life. These are the mistakes that ruin our whole image in front of others.

Following are the mistakes that make us seem unattractive, more nervous, and more vulnerable to crime.

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A weak handshake:

A weak handshake reveals a lot about our personality as we are perceived as less reliable, less confident, and not having a balanced personality. Studies have proved that people who have a firm handshake are considered more positive, more outgoing, and more likable among others.

Hiding hands:

According to experts people who keep their hands out of sight give the indication that they have something to hide. This gesture includes keeping hands on the back or in the lap. It makes others think that there are so many things that are not honestly revealed to them.

Touching our face:

Science has proved that when we feel nervous, we tend to touch our faces more often. It is very common for people to rub their foreheads, squeeze their faces, and push on their cheeks. It is considered a way to calm ourselves but in reality, it makes other people perceive us as less confident and nervous.

Staying still:

The experts suggest that staying still during a conversation also sends wrong messages to other people. We need to loosen up a bit and relax by showing more hand gestures.

An imperfect gait:

People who walk very slowly or with short strides are considered more vulnerable to attack by criminals. They are considered an easy target. But if we learn to walk with confidence, it reduces the chances of getting caught up in the wrong situations.

Continuous eye contact:

Eye contact makes us trustworthy among other people but we need to know how much is enough. According to experts, adults should make eye contact 60% to 70% in order to create some emotional connection. Continuous eye contact makes other people uncomfortable.

Via: Business Insider

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