5 Ways to Boost your confidence if it’s crushed badly

When you are laid off from your job, lose someone in life, you feel completely crushed and devastated.

Even if you don’t like doing it but once it is taken away from you, sometimes it feels like the end of the world. Your confidence is shattered and your spirits are crushed when you are told by an organization that you are not needed anymore.

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Hey look, it’s just a bad moment, not a bad life. Everyone goes through tough times in their life.

if you want to boost your confidence once it has been crushed, you need to find ways that can make it a lot better. Following are the five powerful ways that you can use to overcome these feelings:

1- Remind yourself who you were before:

Humans only tend to see what is in front of them and get used to seeing it whether it is in the form of relationships, a career, or a post. Once they get it, they don’t remember who they were in the past.

They forget mostly how bright, committed, and gifted they were even without being given a high rank in an organization and acknowledged for their hard work.

Once you have a crushing experience like being fired from a job or being laid off from a role, the best advice is to look back at your life. Think about what you have accomplished and what you were good at. Connect to yourself again. This will give you an inner power that will make you confident than ever before.

2- Connect with people who are close to you:

There is no one in the world that does not have few supporters. Even if you think no one is there to support you, there is surely someone who likes you and will stand by you in hard times. After a crushing blow, you need someone to be there for you and walk you through these tough times.

Get back in touch with all those people who you think see the amazing potential in you. Open up to them and share your feelings. They will definitely help to pick yourself up and will get you moving towards something new.

3- Be fearless in telling others what you have to offer:

People who face a terrible blow usually have not engaged in networking or building their digital profiles for years. Once you are out of touch, you become invisible to people. Your laid-off time is the best to write down the jobs you have ever held after the age of 18.

Examine what you liked, disliked, and things that could be done with a little more improvement. Determine the roles that you have been proud of and select the ones you would like to adopt in the future. Talk with others about yourself in a positive way and be fearless in telling others what you have to offer.

4- Understand how you co-created your devastating blow:

When a role is taken away, you feel sad, bad, and powerless. You feel you have no control over what is happening so you become a helpless victim of harsh and cruel circumstances. But you should see how powerful co-creators humans are, take control of the situation, and understand what has happened.

Become aware of the fact that what mistakes you did that you were not needed to fulfill the role anymore. Understand why another person was preferred over you and what qualities they possess that you did not possess. Work on your shortcomings, this will change your perspective and will you a better understanding of your future roles.

5- Ask people what they like about you:

It may not seem like a strong point but it could change the game for you. Reach out to as many people who know or have worked with you in the past. Ask them the things they loved about you and admire you for. Ask them to write an endorsement on LinkedIn for you and you will be amazed at how these testimonials will boost your confidence.

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