Anxiety causes overthinking and this is what happens to your body

anxiety causes over thinking

Anxiety can trigger many things in your body. One of them is over thinking. Both anxiety and overthinking can be linked as evil to many problems in your life. When someone is facing extreme anxiety, they begin to over think. They think about the things which have not even taken place and assume all the negativity in their mind. This situation is not good for the mental health and because of worrying, people collapse and sometimes the consequences are even fatal.

Thankfully both anxiety and overthinking are not a permanent state and can be addressed with little change in lifestyle but when signs begin to show up, it is time to address them.

Here is how anxiety causes overthinking

  • you start thinking constantly about a moment where you should have said something different.
  • thinking about an action you could have avoided.
  • worrying about things that are not in your control.
  • wild imagined results of your own imagination and in reality, such event has not even taken place.
  • fear of losing
  • vague thoughts resulting in severe anxiety disorder.

This is what overthinking can do

  • you feel stressed all the time.
  • feel no energy in your body.
  • you are tired all the time, even when you are sleeping.
  • sometimes anxiety causes physical pain in the body.
  • you are in a state of a shallow, slump over and shoulders drop.
  • inability to take a decision.
  • shy in making a conversation
  • losing your confidence.
  • shying away from the public because of fear.

The solution to overcome anxiety and overthinking

Luckily, anxiety and its related problems are not permanent. With a little tweaking, they can go away or their repercussions can be minimized. Here is how you can reduce anxiety and stop overthinking.

  • spending more time with nature.
  • keep a pet.
  • mediate/offering prayers.
  • walking barefoot on grass in the morning.
  • build a hobby and follow it.
  • reduce smartphone usage.
  • spend less time on social media.
  • exercising for only 10 minutes a day and mobilizing every muscle in the body
  • you should follow a balanced diet by consulting a dietician.
  • deep breathing, power position as described by Tony Robbins and taken up as research by Harvard University students can reduce your cortisol by 33% which is a hormone of stress and increase testosterone by 20% which is a hormone of happiness.

This video of Tony Robbins explains how you can change your state of mind by bringing a change in your biochemistry. This is how you can get rid of anxiety and over thinking.


Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)