Sitting For Long Periods May Harm The Heart


In the modern era, sitting is the new smoking. The prolonged duration of sitting on your chair is linked to cancer and heart disease. A study from the University of California, San Diego confirms the connection. especially in aging women.

Higher sedentary time is linked to heart risk. The duration of sitting matters a lot. If you keep working at your desk for continuous hours, you are highly likely to have heart disease anytime soon. So, get up and move as much as you can and reduce the duration of sitting.

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The researchers studied a group of 5,000 racially diverse women who were 63-97 years old. They gave all participants accelerometers to wear for a week. This exercise was done to track active vs. sedentary time. This procedure is far more accurate than asking participants to trace their daily activity. They may not remember the exact time they sit in a day and the provided data may not be accurate.

According to an article in Forbes, the research found that, as naturally expected, women who spent more time being sedentary had an increased likelihood of heart disease including heart attack, heartaches that required hospitalization, and affecting their lifestyle by surviving on life-saving medicines.

The research concluded that the longer the bout of sedentary behavior, the higher the risk of heart disease.

“Each additional hour of sedentary time, on average,” the authors write in their paper, “was associated with a 12% increase in multivariable-adjusted risk for CVD.

Dose-dependent increased risk of 4% was also observed for each 1-minute increase in sedentary bout duration, indicating that prolonged sedentary accumulation patterns are associated with higher CVD risk in older women.” In other words, for each additional unit of time a woman spends sitting, her risk of heart disease rises.

The alarming point revealed in the research is, that exercise, even if you do it regularly does not reduce the risk of heart issues so the daily sitting routine should be changed.

The research claims that higher amounts of sedentary time and the longer sedentary bouts are directly associated with cardiovascular disease. Research author John Bellettiere

Those who have to spend long hours sitting because of the desk/computer work must break the routine by periodically moving around to break the pattern and reduce the negative effect of being sedentary.

How long have you been sitting before reading this article?

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