The opening of Google’s AI powerhouse Deepmind

The Ai firm Deepmind was bought by Google in 2014. The company having British roots focused at that time to expand its offices in London. The company kept working with the UK institutions while teaching in the universities. The company has now planned on increasing its reach outside the country and is aiming to open up its first ever international AI office in Edmonton, Canada.

For DeepMind this is going to be the perfect adjustment as it has close links with the AI research community in the University of Alberta. The firm has sponsored the machine learning lab f the university for a number of years. The company’s first outside advisor is Richard Sutton who is going to be the head of DeepMind’s new base. He is very well known in the AI community and has a deep knowledge regarding this field. His work for reinforcement learning allows computer agents to teach themselves through trial-and-error. The researchers program virtual rewards for doing the right thing and bring out sophisticated results.

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According to Sutton, the University of Alberta plays the role of the world’s academic leader in reinforcement learning converting it a well-chosen partnership. He states that the new lab will be helpful in charging the research ecosystem along with driving a complete host of latest scientific breakthroughs in Canada. This will push the field of Ai forward and will transform into something really interesting.

Via: The Verge

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