You are likable at the office if you adopt the following ‘4’ traits

For your work life to be more enjoyable, you need to be more liked by your coworkers. This will not only help in your personal career management but will also to create new strategies, push forward initiatives, and advance further in your career. But it is hard to be sure that you are behaving in a way that will make your co-workers like you.

Just being yourself is not a good way to become likable in the eyes of your colleagues. You need to make an effort to be likable in the office. Following is the list of ways that you can adopt to make yourself behave in a likable manner.

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  1. You are self-aware:

    For becoming more likable among your coworkers, you need to be pretty honest and authentic. These are the traits that can take you a long way endearing you to your coworkers.

  2.  You compliment people but not very often:

    In order to develop a positive relationship with your colleagues, you need to give compliments where needed. But you have to be very careful in it as complimenting too often can give a bad impression to others.

  3. Be good with names:

    You need to be great with names of the people who work with you in order to make people like you. This is a good way to make a good impression around you.

  4. Make it clear that you want to interact with others:

    Try to do things that are attentive to other’s requirements and show people that you are genuinely interested in wanting to interact with others.

Via: BusinessInsider

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