Voice filters, backdrops and web links by SnapChat

Facebook never misses a chance of copying SnapChat. It has left no stone unturned to copy the features of the popular platform across its entire portfolio. But now it seems that SnapChat is making efforts to maintain the uniqueness of its platform by introducing features that have still not been introduced elsewhere.

Recently, it has added a backdrop feature to its platform that allows users to green-screen themselves into various cases. The new Backdrop icon can be located by tapping the scissors button. This tool works with photo snaps and allows users to trace objects or people in a snap by replacing the background with colorful patterns. With this tool, the pattern will rotate every day.

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Then there is another addition of voice filters that actually change the way a user’s voice actually sounds in snaps. Once a snap is recorded, users just need to tap the speaker icon and select one of the characters.

The third addition is of the paperclip that allows users to link to websites. This will help add some context to user’s snaps which will be most useful for businesses and organizations. It will help them to promote their products and services with a direct call to action. In order to open up the link within SnapChat, users simply need to swipe up.

This time, SnapChat has provided a lot of features for its users to get engaged in and this will certainly help SnapChat to get ahead of its rival social media platform i.e. Facebook.

Via: The Next Web

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