The Artificial Social Media “Bubble” And Its Hazardous Repercussions

The life most of us live on social media is extremely dangerous. The pride could make you or break you into shatters to the point where it is hard to recollect yourself and stand on your feet again.

One of the excitements of social media, Facebook, in particular, points to the absence of policing and patrolling.

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You can go at length and project whatever you want to portray without the responsibility of the burden of proof that falls on your shoulders in real life.

Social media is virtual, there is no catch to checking reality. You can be superman one day and Massiah the other. You can put whatever you want to impress people.

You can project a blissful life showing fabulous meals and dining at expensive hotels. You can drive luxury cars and tell the world about the world’s places you check in and how much fun you have in your day. You can also show true affection online by telling your partner, putting their pictures on your timeline saying “how much you love” and the list goes on and on. The repercussion of this fantasy-oriented social media behavior could prove nasty and hurt you rather than benefit you.

What if all that is projected online is “false”? Who are you betraying? Are you not living in a “Fake” bubble that presents the false state of affairs about your life?

The life most of us live is “artificial” and the pride we take is “false”.

We try now to reveal our shortcomings and problems on social media because all that glitters is gold. We are weak by nature. We know, no one would pay heed to a broken, dismantled soul who has nothing good to say so the notion of exhibiting the “fancy” life prevails a long way.

But, have we ever wondered about the “wrong” message we are giving to others by portraying a false picture of ourselves?

Struggling to make ends meet but showing friends on social media how blissful life is or a jobless individual thriving hard to find a job becomes a motivational speaker and posts inspiring pictures and videos without reflecting the same message on their own life. This is a sign of worry. This is also a growing reason for stress, anxiety, and depression in people’s life because reality does reconcile with virtual life.

Would it not be better to have a moderate online social media presence? Use the platform to reflect your true self and seek new opportunities. The same platform where people project a false picture of the “blissful” life can be used to seek “true” opportunities.

Use the platform to make your “stressed” life better by making positive connections, learning from them and seeking new opportunities.

Give yourself a reality check. Are you really what you portray on social media? If not, it is never too late. Open up, improve yourself, and present your strength to the world. Go and use this medium to seek “opportunities”

You never know, who may be looking for your strength and end up hiring, and partnering with you. That my friend could be the beginning of an amazing journey. The one you can surely feel proud of and take a lot of pride in.

Be open and thrive to improve. This medium could help you in improving and making your life better, only if you are “true” to yourself!

Don’t lie to yourself and worry about how the world will take you in your current state. Break your mental barrier, come out of an artificial bubble, and give yourself a reality check.

Soon, your life will steer to a better shape because of your one decision, i.e “to be open to yourself”.

Be yourself. Be real.

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