7 Things that make you less likable with people

Most people think that becoming likable comes from natural traits. It is easy to fall prey to this notion because people are sometimes more good-looking and incredibly social. But in reality, being likable is under our control. We can avoid the traits that make us unlikable in the eyes of others.

The following are the traits you are advised to avoid becoming likable among other people.

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Avoiding eye contact:

Eye contact is something that makes other people trust you as it conveys warmth and competence. Eye contact is a simple way of showing that you are paying attention which makes people judge you as more intelligent. But when you avoid eye contact, this can convey untrustworthiness to other people.

Keeping a stone face:

Keeping a stone face makes people think you are cold or angry at them. Therefore it is important to do the opposite, nod, and smile at the person speaking to you for conveying warmth and competence.

Show empathy:

Being concerned about others makes you more likable in their eyes. Connect with them by putting yourself in their shoes. Contradicting with people every time can make them mad at you.

Checking your smartphone:

The best way for a good conversation with others is to keep your smartphone away from your eyes. Pay attention to the person talking and avoid all kinds of interruptions that can be caused by your phone.

A weak handshake:

A weak handshake contributes a lot when it comes to becoming likable in other eyes. It can give a negative impression of the person you are meeting.


A better posture leads to a greater posture of competence whereas slouching can indicate that you are less confident and disinterested in any topic.


The fastest thing that draws other people away from you is interrupting in the middle. Interrupting makes people defensive as it disrupts the flow of conversation. Listening to the other patiently can create an unspoken bond of trust between you and the other person.

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