Online image is very important, it could make or break your life

In history, print media, TV, radio, and phone books were used to make a presence known to the public. With the rise of an on-demand economy, these methods are becoming outdated. Now, people routinely use the internet in order to search for information, photos, potential hires etc. This is why building a positive digital footprint is becoming important than ever.

There is hardly any person who has never checked an employer’s Google page and companies do the same to reconnaissance on their employees. What they can find can have an impact on business as well as personal relationships, therefore, it is important to stay real on one’s personal brand. Given below are the examples where people can be judged based on their online presence.

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For screening job candidates:

According to a survey, it was found that almost 52% of the employers used social media for screen candidates. Whereas 59% of the employees revealed that for researching candidates, they used the search engines. The basic purpose was to find if there is a possibility of anything which can make the candidates ineligible for the job post such as drugs or any misconduct. From the survey, it was revealed that 26% employees did found some of the things that made them dismiss their employees.

Colleges look at an applicant’s social media presence:

According to the survey conducted by an education company, 35% of the colleges in U.S. checked the online activity of their applicant on social media before allowing them admission. This involved the applicant’s activity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to learn more about the candidates. About half of the colleges that were surveyed stated that the information they found about their applicants made them clear on not giving the admissions to such candidates. For example, one of the students was denied admission because he had posted his picture displaying weapons on the social media.

Constantly posting selfies:

Sharing is a good way of strengthening relationships but there are also chances that it may damage them. According to an expert a person has to be cautious while sharing a photograph and always need to keep in mind that how it will be perceived by others. Also, other than close friends and family, there are people who don’t seem to relate well to people who constantly share their photos on social media.

It can put an end to marriage:

A few years back, the result of a broken marriage was never linked to social media but now this platform has become has become a common place for divorce. This happens because people discover something about their husband or wife which they cannot find otherwise. According to the survey one in seven of the couples who were Facebook users considered divorce because of the information they found.

Via: Business Insider

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