The Art of Diversification for Bloggers

Blogging is an ever-evolving field. Just like any other profession, the learning doesn’t just stop in blogging. Every single day, bloggers come across new ideas, concepts, and challenges to deal with.


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Are you confused about this blog post topic?

The art of diversification…

Do you think this is boring?

Well, blogging doesn’t end on blog post titles, keywords, content, and SEO, after all.

If that sounds intimidating, then I’d say that I have a MESSAGE for bloggers.

And in this blog post, not only will I give that message but I will explain it myself.

Just before that, you can quit it right here if you thought that this was some AFFILIATE MARKETING or CTR related blog post.

Because it’s not…

This blog post would rather teach you something artistic.


(Are you kidding me? Some of you might think…)

No, I’m not kidding at all.

Here are three reasons why bloggers need to learn the art of diversification:

1) – What if space is too crowded to survive?

Have you ever experienced a waiting room full of people and you barely breathe in there?

Imagine, you’re told to sit in there and wait for the turn for next 3 hours.

What would you do except trying to sneak out of that room?

Similarly, if there isn’t enough room in a specific blogging niche, you don’t have to jump in and do the exact same thing that the other 36,000 bloggers are doing…

You have to change the route.

It’s always difficult to change the track.

Gary Vaynerchuk always says to look at the long-term benefit. Even in episode 237 of the AskGaryVeeShow, he was advising the same thing…

Yes. Choosing a different niche might be difficult for you but still there is a chance if you go deep down and make things right in your niche selection and content plan, you can still pull this off.

2) – Things only work when you keep trying

To explain my point that bloggers need to learn the art of diversification, I sat down to write another important reason for this…

Trying does help in the process.

Trying is good. Keep on trying is even better.

It doesn’t mean you stick to one thing for next 13 years and don’t switch over to the next.

Similarly, it doesn’t have to be 12 different things over the course of 6 months…

Back in 2010-11, I started making $200 to $300 from Adsense…

I was happy…

But what I didn’t realize that I was running a seasonal blog…

You might hear a lot about event blogging these days.

I left the strategy after two years, though!

Because I realize that I won’t get there where I want to be.

Then I started off testing different strategies.


It somehow worked for me but it wasn’t consistent like my Adsense earning…

I didn’t want to rely on AFFILIATE MARKETING…

The reason was the outcome. I knew I didn’t master it yet. (I wanted to, though)

I didn’t leave the process of finding the right thing…

Along with Affiliate marketing, I started SELLING MY SERVICE.

I started off offering my FREELANCE WRITING SERVICE along the way…

That was something I was trying to find…

It worked.

Things started to change. Within a year and a half, I almost forgot AFFILIATE MARKETING.

I had had the clients with me and things were quite okay.

But, a few things never change…

I tried a new thing!

…knowing the fact that it won’t hurt my freelancing writing strategy…

The change I made was actually an addition to my blog.

I actually created a HIRE ME page on my blog that exploded my inbox and I started receiving the email inquiries about freelance writing.

I never had a huge amount of traffic on my personal blog but even the little traffic was started to convert.

I was unable to handle the load of the inquiries…

I started forwarding the clients to other freelance writers.

And removed the CTA of ‘HIRE ME’ from my personal blog.

This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t keep on trying new things…

3) – Don’t be a frog in the well

Nobody likes that.

If you stay at a certain level for a long time, you won’t reach somewhere better because you’re not moving, meaning, you’re not trying to be better. It takes hustle and effort to do something and become a better version of yourself.

One of the reasons why I say that bloggers need to learn the art of diversification is because you don’t have to be a frog in the well.

Frog in the well is a Chinese idiom which refers to the person or individual who doesn’t strive to be better or doesn’t look at the bigger picture of the situation.

Do you think this isn’t real?

Well, I can prove that it’s very real.

Watch this video on YouTube about Alyson Hannigan.

According to the creator, Alyson Hannigan has had a great TV career. If you know the popular TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother’, you would know her as Lily.

They actually gave a handful of reasons of why Alyson Hannigan might not be seen in the Hollywood movies anymore. One can disagree with that… sure… but they mentioned the following reasons:

  • Hard to repackage
  • (Need to) Change the Public Image
  • Better on the small screen
  • Typecast (meaning repeatedly cast in similar roles)

So, as a blogger, you have to have a diversity of knowledge or skills to prove yourself at times.

It doesn’t mean poking around 10 different niches… it’s not what I mean…

In fact, I meant that you have to develop the certain interests that could potentially expose you to the new learning experiences.

For instance, I have done a lot of experiments, I’ve joined the affiliate program of this online tutoring site, in case, I might need to try this out in the future. I haven’t started using that. But I might try if I ever come across an online education blogging opportunity. That’s not something I’m focusing upon at the moment.


The diversification does matter in your blogging career.

The difference is that either you’ll learn it along the way after years of experience or you might get it right now at this moment.


If you’re passionate about blogging, you’ll keep on striving to be a better blogger.

During that pursuit, you’ll learn a lot.

I’m learning a lot too.

That’s why I decided to talk about the diversification.

I’m diversifying… big time!

How about you?

What would be the first thing you might do as a blogger in order to start the diversification process?



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