Microsoft asks for exemptions from Trump’s order

Microsoft asks for exemptions from Trump’s order

Microsoft asks for exemptions from Trump’s order and strongly opposing of Trump’s immigration ban. The company is concerned about its employees and now asking from Donald Trump’s administration for immediate exemption for employees who are lawful visa holders but are being affected by the new policy. The Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith and Microsoft’s President have laid down detailed requirements of the company which involves the exception process for the tech workers in US.

The exception process would help the responsible known travelers with pressing needs to get back to US. Such category also involves visa holders from the countries which have been banned under Trump’s order. Smith states that Microsoft has currently 76 employees with 41 dependents on their part. They hold non-immigrant visas because of which they are allowed to live in US and are affected by the order. He states that this order actually includes a provision that allows DHS and the Secretary of State to issue visas and entry permissions on a case-by-case basis and when in the national interests.Before Microsoft Ford CEO Mark Fields and the executive Chairman Bill Ford already had some concern’s about Trump’s new visa policies.

Trump’s immigration policy not supported by Ford

This request by Microsoft will be beneficial even for those who already have a work or student visa, have not committed any crime, and are looking to travel for work or any family emergency for a period of just two weeks. Companies are supporting the tech workers because of their important role in the industry. These workers are filling the gap that is already in the country’s national interests i.e. their work or education. Under this order’s structure, there is a need to provide a cover for all such people.

Via Techcrunch