iPhone’s 8 home button reimagined

For 2017, Apple has a major iPhone redesign planned. With abundance of rumors hinting at the impressive features of iPhone 8, it seems the company has ambitious plans for the upcoming device. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and the company is expected to do something big to celebrate the occasion.

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It’s not entirely clear what we are going to see but rumors suggest it’s going to be a radical redesign based on Thadeu Brandao’s concept. The design resembles a lot like iPhone 7 but it is the display where the real magic happens. With an edge-t-edge design, the display covers the entire front of the iPhone. Home buttons are considered new point of focus. The button will be the center point of an imaginative new phone interface exactly like Apple’s Touch Bar on the MacBook pro.

The system changes with the currently used application just like Touch Bar. It is a good step by Apple to use the idle space of the surrounding to include a home button with which users can gain access to additional control options. The power rests with the developer in order to decide what’s important to be placed there.

With the release of the upcoming iPhone 8, the rumor mill is getting all heated up. The continuously dropped hints by the company, we can expect a lot of features and specification of the future device.

Via: The Verge

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