Telenor, Huawei Pakistan testing 5G

Telenor and the Chinese vendor Huawei had signed an agreement previously which claimed to enable the company for becoming the first operator to test 5G technology in Norway. The CTO of Telenor Norge Magnus Zetterberg had stated that the introduction of 5G wireless technology would probably lead to downlink transmission speeds between 1Gbps and 10Gbps for the end-users which would help comfortable surpass the current average speeds that are experienced by the Tenor customers.

Recently, the Norway-based Telenor Group that serves around 214 million mobile subscribers worldwide announced that it has successfully conducted its first 5G-based E-band multi-user MIMO demonstration with Huawei. According to reports, the partners achieved a maximum data rate of 70 Gbit/s during the demonstration. Huawei specifically noted that the E-band can be used to improve a user’s experience for the eMBB services.

Both the companies stated that they are also aiming to conduct a joint desktop study that is designed to provide insight as well as an experience to help identify the steps that will be required for the upgrade of the technology in Telenor’s network from 4G to 5G. Telenor and Huawei’s joint innovation center will be the place where this process is expected to be carried out soon. Telenor Network has been working with Huawei in order to meet the growing demand for voice and data services from its numerous subscribers and this is a great project to prepare for the delivery of efficient mobile broadband services.