New iPhone 8 could have a high tech 3D sensing camera

We have all been anxiously waiting for the iPhone 8 which is expected to come with some radicle features. It has become somewhat of a trend for the major players in the tech industry to come up with major changes in their devices every time. The new wave of rumors regarding the new iPhone indicates that this time, Apple will be launching the device with a 3D sensing augmented reality selfie camera.

The all new iPhone 8 could be getting a serious hi-tech camera upgrade. According to the analysts, the new iPhone’s would be a revolutionary 3D sensing which will be including a discreet infrared transmitter along with receiver modules which will bring technologies that could reinvent the user’s experience. When it comes to 3D algorithms, Apple has been years ahead of the Android platform which gives a major head start against competitors. This advanced 3D camera sensor will make the new iPhone 8 unique from the rest of its competitor’s devices.

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According to the sources, the Himax Technologies can possibly be one of the several companies that might be producing the new components that are required for the 3D camera. And only this expectation that Himax may be supplying 3D sensing components to Apple for its new device, have soared significantly.

Apple has a long history of providing an excellent image processing to its devices. These additions of 3D algorithms to its camera feature will definitely place the iPhone 8 ahead of the competition.

Via: Forbes

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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