Solve these 5 problems to build a great business

You must have fancied yourself as someone who could become a billionaire one day. If you have not yet figured out things that can actually make you rich, then you must be cheating yourself. Confronting real challenges can often lead to lucrative outcomes. The greater the problem, the greater would be the result. In pursuit to reap profits, why not crack the hitches that could benefit everyone.

The best idea is to come up with solutions to problems that have befuddled engineers for years or more. These are the following five issues that you can choose from.

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Wireless Power:

With smartphones advancements, we are getting into a constant trap of pursuing greater efficiency for batteries. It gets cumbersome to plug in the digital devices and wait for them to recharge. The key is to find a solution that could squeeze more efficiency out of devices. The future of all such devices could be wireless power.

Rural, Remote Internet:

Facebook and Google are trying hard to find easier ways for dead zone issues of the internet. Providing internet access across the globe is the biggest priority among tech giants. If you can find a better and cheaper solution to this problem, than your dream of becoming a billionaire is not a fantasy.

Cheaper, Scalable Solar:

Everyone is in a race to find a process that could make solar panels cheaper to install. Today scientists are finding ways that could make solar panels accessible to the middle and lower classes. You can have the biggest power in your hand if you could design a cheap, ingenious, and efficient way for cheaper solar panels.

Affordable Water Destination:

The most pressing issue on the list of the world’s problems is water shortage. Climate changes around the world have made most of the areas to suffer the lack of rain. The desalination plants are too expensive for the developing countries to afford. What if any of us can find a way to desalinize ocean water into drinking water with the help of desalination plants that use half the entire energy?

Improve Major Weather Forecasts:

Major weather events like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons are hard to predict. When these events happen they take away numerous lives along with billions of dollars in the form of damage. Prediction of such events is hard but if you could come up with an idea to forecast weather accurately, not only you can save the world from destruction but can also become a true billionaire.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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