Emotionally Intelligent Computers can Match Humans

Human emotional intelligence (EQ) can be replaced by computers. It is not because this is shown in movies but it’s because computers lack emotions which makes them capable of becoming emotionally intelligent. They cannot be fooled by lies of emotional signals that can force a man to make mistakes.

EQ is all about regulating ones desires and stop strong emotions from taking over our decisions and act rationally with minimal emotional interference. This can only be achieved from robots that do not need to feel in order to act in an emotionally intelligent way.

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Sensors and various other devices are improving in the field of affective computing in order to observe and interpret facial features, gestures, bod postures, physical state, and speech of people. Emotional intelligence is the key element in refining all such techniques. There are many innovative companies that are now applying computer systems that can be helpful in enhance and improving the human emotional intelligence.


In few industries, the management culture has not always enhanced the emotional well-being of workers. The emotional conditions of employees can tell if they are at risk of making costly mistakes. Therefore, top banks such as JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America are now working with tech companies in order to monitor employee’s emotions by putting some systems in place. These systems will not only monitor their emotional state but will also improve the performance and obedience of the employees.

A startup named as Humanyze is partnering with numerous banks. This startup develops sensor-ledge badges to transfer information on speech, activity, and stress patterns of workers. The badges have microphones and proximity sensors to analyze their behavioural data which is helpful for improving productivity of employees while working with teams. With the help of these devices, managers can keep a check on their employees and assist those who they feel lose track while working on projects.

Considerate Driving:

The prospect of “self-driving” cars is a relief for those people who love to sit in the back seat and stay safe. BRAIQ is a startup that is coming forward with its capability of teaching autonomous vehicles to read the comfort level of passengers and drive the way they want. This startup aims to nurture trust of people in self-driving technology by improving the passenger comfort level in vehicles.

Sensors such as Off-the-shelf in-cabin provide information regarding the feelings of passengers about the car’s actions including acceleration, steering, and breaking. This collected data is biometric, aggregated, and analyzed. It helps in an AI driving style in responsive to a passenger’s satisfaction. This startup is no doubt a big step in placing emotional intelligence over artificial intelligence.

Drive.ai is a startup that will be teaching self-driving cars to communicate their intentions such as to replace hand wave to allow someone to pass in front of a car or flash of lights on the highway in order to tell other that the car is going to pass. This startup has created an intense learning AI for self-driving cars to allow cars to indicate their intentions to humans with the help of lights, movement, and sounds.

Customer Service:

Helping phone professionals to easily deal and better connect with customers has always been a challenge. But now a new startup named “Cogito” is helping call center agents by providing them real-time guidance on engaging and connecting with customers. The sensors will detect emotions of the customers through their speech. The agents are steered towards more confident and efficient speech by showing customers more empathy and professionalism. Any signs of frustration will be detected through sensors and alerts will be sent to managers to intervene in cases where customers are not having good experience. Cogito will provide complete information regarding customers experience and agent’s speaking behavior on every call which will help to determine best practices to be followed in future.

Law Enforcement:

“Lie Detectors” have always been used in order to know whether a person is lying or not. But polygraph machines are always argued for being inaccurate as they can be tricked easily. But Nuralogix has recently developed a technology that can read emotional reactions of people that are not visible to human eye. With the combination of Transdermal Optical Imaging and advanced machine learning algorithms, this technology measures facial blood flow information and depicts the hidden human emotions. This will enable law enforcement officials to ask questions and then monitor the person’s true emotions which will be revealed by their blood flow in their faces.

Another device EQ-Radio has also been introduced by MIT researchers that claim to assess user’s feelings with an accuracy of 87% at the very moment. According to a report, this device depicts wireless signals of a human body. It then uses its algorithms to document the person’s heartbeat as well as breathing patterns with levels of brain stimulation. Right now this technology can tell the emotional state of a person but with technological advancement, it will be able to work exactly like a polygraph test.

With the introduction of all such devices, now we can imagine ourselves freed from the realm of science fiction as we will soon be able to see some of this reality in our lives.

Via: Tech Crunch

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