Snap’s next purchase could be a selfie drone maker

According to reports, SnapChat is expected to purchase Zero Zero Robotics which is known for the selfie oriented Hover Camera passport drone. This might be an impulsive decision by SnapChat but the company has reportedly been showing interest in buying drone makers over the past year.

The Hover Camera passport is a kind of drone that is ultra-lightweight that is designed to work with a personal camera. It captures hands free photos and videos by using face and body tracking. It has a small size and can go anywhere with its foldable carbon fiber.

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SnapChat was also rumored to have allegedly bought a small outfit in Los Angeles to build one of its own drones. For now, SnapChat is not commenting on the report nor has the CEO of Zero Zero Robotics yet confirmed the deal. But this is something that usually happens and big companies keep denying the agreements till they are finalized.

Snap purchasing of a drone company is not something that cannot be imagined. With SnapChat, users can be as much creative as they want to and the purchasing of the drone company will open portals for making the platform a place for endless opportunities.

Via: Engadget

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