5 Email rules every professional should know

Regardless of the mode of communication, professionals communicate in a professional manner. Being a professional makes them place their best foot forward at all times. According to the American educator Dale Carnegie there are only four ways in which we contact the world. On the basis of these four contacts, we are evaluated and classified. These include what we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it.

This becomes more important when it comes to business email communications because it’s here where you need to make an impression that can convince the hiring manager who is eligible for the post. Below are the main business email etiquettes that you need to be aware of.

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Add the email address in the last:

For saving yourself from sending an incomplete email, it is advised to enter the email once you have finished writing it. This is good in case of replying to an email.

Double check the recipient:

While sending an email, you can make the mistake of sending it to the wrong person very easily. This can be embarrassing therefore always double check the recipient’s email address.

Do not address with nick names:

Unless you are told by the recipient that they prefer nick names, never address in an email by using such names. Being extremely friendly can give a negative impression to the person reading the email.

Clear subject line:

Always include a direct subject line that can give an idea to the recipient what the email is all about.

Use a professional email account:

Working for a company requires you to use a professional email account. Be careful while choosing the address as it should include your name so that the recipient knows from whom the email is actually sent.

Via: Business Insider

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