Pekhawar Spice (Homemade Vinegar Pickle)

Pekhawar Spice:

Pekhawar Spice brings you the best quality Vinegar Pickle In town. We use fresh homemade vegetables, 100% hygienic, no preservatives and chemicals added. For us your health matters a lot, and so we bring you the finest quality products. “We pledge to provide a quality product at a reasonable price. If you come in, we will give you a reason to come back”.

Variety Available of Pekhawar Spice:

• Mix Vegetable Vinegar Achar
• Garlic (Adrak & Lehson) Vinegar Achar
• Carrot (Gajjar) Vinegar Achar
• Cabbage (Gopi) Vinegar Achar
• Green Chillies (Mircho) Vinegar Achar
• Lemon (Nimbo) Vinegar Achar
• Pea (Matar) Vinegar Pickle)
• Onion (Piyaaz) Vinegar Pickle
Product Ingredients:
Pekhawar Spice uses fresh homemade vegetables which are 100% Hygienic, the ingredients include Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Green Chilies, Garlic, French Beans, pea, Lemon, Fennel Flower (Kalonji), Cumin (Zeera), Hamdard Vinegar (Fully Pure).

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Product Availability:

Pekhawar Spice is available Online, You can place your order on any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and you can get your Favorite Pickle on your door step through the Pekahwar Spice delivery Service

Product Promotion:

Currently, Pekhawar Spice is focusing more on digital media as their majority clients are social media User. Different small promotion techniques like small video posting, Pictures posting, Pickle benefits for the people are shared on the official platforms of social media in order to attract the customers.

As Pekhawar Spice has also enhanced his distribution from online to retail outlets and general stores so more promotion strategies like Pamphlets distribution, broachers, Visiting Cards have been used for the promotion of this brand.

Pekhawar Spice Pricing:

Currently, Pekhawar Spice is available in 3 Price ranges.
• Small Jar (400gm) Price @ Rs. 100
• Medium Jar (600gm) Price @ Rs. 130
• Big Economy Jar (800gm) Price @ Rs. 170.
• Mega Jar (1000gm) Price @ Rs. 200.

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