Mass updates delivered by Oracle to Cloud suite

Oracle is one of the very famous companies when it comes to cloud computing. For increasing the competitiveness in the cloud market, Oracle acquired different companies and has made significant strides in recent years. Recently, it has released a bi-annual update for its Oracle Cloud Application Suite. This is the number 13th update for the suite.

A variety of enterprise software is included in the suite that includes the think back-office management knows as ERP, HR and CRM/CX for customer management. The entire suite has been updated with a fresh design and the latest version has a very modern appeal to it now. According to the executive vice president of applications development at Oracle Steve Miranda, as compared to the previous versions of the suite this is a completely different experience because not only the design has been improved but the workflow has also been made better with necessary steps. Now, Oracle has opted for a more responsive design approach where the interface adjusts according to the screen which is definitely an improvement over the previous mobile experience.

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This approach applied different colors and visualizations with a unique navigation paradigm. The recent update is also going to addresses the issue of apps that were present in the browser but were unable to translate well to the smaller screens. Moreover, with the ERP, the company has enhanced the supply chain software that will make it possible for companies to track the supplies in a manufacturing process.

Oracle seems to be embracing the cloud completely as it is adding more functionality to its system. This will help expand the product set for the company. This cloud version of the suite is updated twice every year and it seems to be pretty popular for now.

Via: Tech Crunch

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