Snap preparing to sell its soul

Be careful, SnapChat is the most popular App amongst teens and it is getting reading to bring in the advertisers and offer information about its users whereabouts.

SnapChat’s popularity shows no sign of slowing down as the app continuously setts itself up to bring updates to the platform. Recently SnapChat has implemented a new instrument for advertisers named as Snap to Store.

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This is the kind of instrument that collects information from the platform and provides it to advertisers in order to show them which movements have seen a positive move. The method used will be helpful for measuring how more people use the app from different locations after an ad is used.

The reports state that 80% of users of the SnapChat belong to restaurants, a further 66% use the app in shopping centers whereas 50% of usage come from users at the gym. With the help of this tool, SnapChat will be able to acquire information on all such places. Any of the advertisers that have used Snap previously, must take an indication that their new rule fits them as well.

The Snap to Store feature is in beta currently and can be observed with the indicated signs as the company sponsored for Wendy’s which helped gained 42,000 people to the platform recently.

There seems nothing wrong with SnapChat shifting towards increasing its business but the idea of sharing information to the advertisers for this purpose may make some people uncomfortable.

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