Bilal Athar, Wifigen CEO is a proud Pakistani listed in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia

Bilal Athar, CEO of Wifigen who belongs to Pakistan, founded the platform Wifigen in 2014 gets listed in Forbes list of 30 under 30 Asia. He made it to the Forbes list of 30 under 30 of 2017 for creating a unique technology that provides free WiFi to its businesses and engages them with their customers using mobile and other devices

With recent advances in bandwidth, networking, mobile computing, and cloud delivery technologies, the advertising technology has emerged as one of the most exciting beneficiaries of today’s world. The market for digital advertising is becoming a sector that offers highest growth opportunities as it delivers many of the direct targeting benefits.

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Many young people around the world are developing amazing marketing tools that can help people increase their business by collecting marketing data on guests that use free WiFi. This kind of engagement helps in augmenting social engagement. This is the reason that the fastest growing WiFi analytics and advertisement platform Wifigen is adding tremendous value between advertisers and digital consumers by providing WiFi analytics.

Wifigen is a platform that allows companies to provide free WiFi to users. It demands in exchange for customer information upon logging into their social media accounts. Athar aimed for creating a platform that can increase social engagement and can automate the marketing functions for reseller and other businesses. The company is known for offering data analytics for corporate customers who can access demographic information and the user history. The main customers for Wifigen include Singapore’s Changi Airport, Unilever, and the island of Tahiti.

The Wifigen an overview of the venue’s WiFi usage and visitors, help them with everything businesses need to know about their visitors, and help them create ads, promotions, and coupons for their visitors. It even allows customers to control their WiFi access point from the cloud.

The digital advertising is evolving and expanding from traditional desktops to mobile and social platforms. The technology infrastructure offered by Wifigen is an answer to this advancement and is not only significant but is also sprawling in scope.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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