Samsung Galaxy getting strong orders

Although the Note 7 disaster threatened to burn Samsung’s brand to the ground but the company lifted itself up with a complete renewed Galaxy S8. According to reports, the flagship device has gained immense popularity and even ahead of its actual sales, the US and South Korean markets are having strong preorders for the phone.

The device became available in US and South Korean markets, topped the Galaxy S7 preorders. The company reports that in its home market of South Korea, the device has received more than 728,000 preorders. These numbers are considered much better than the previous model’s preorders. This year’s model is supposed to be carefully tested among the audience because of the recall of three million devices previously.

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Initially, Samsung Galaxy S8 has received some very positive reviews. The company recently reported about its virtual assistant Bixby not becoming a part of the device until this spring. When it comes to marketing costs of the smartphone, the amount spent on Galaxy S8 is similar to that of Galaxy S7. But additional costs have been incurred for marketing due to the impact of last year’s faulty device.

Samsung has been very careful with its device this time and has tested some 100,000 units internally. It seems that with the new phone, Samsung has persuaded customers to look past over the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

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