Facebook teaching journalists

Just by reading the title, some people might consider it a joke. It’s not. Facebook may not have been created for educational purposes but you will be surprised to see how this social media platform uses its versatile tools for teaching journalists.

Facebook has recently launched a free, three-course curriculum for the journalists in order to show them how to best use the social media platform for sharing and gathering news. This curriculum has been created in partnership with the Poynter Institute. And includes learning for the Instagram users as well.

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According to Facebook “journalists directed Facebook for providing tips and tools that can be helpful for their daily responsibilities. As Facebook has become a popular platform for connecting users with stories they care about, the platform wanted to assist people in this regard. This encouraged Facebook for placing forward a guide that can help journalists to understand the best use of its products as well as platforms. The Facebook team is committed to providing high quality and timely education and training opportunities for journalists. Therefore, three courses in the curriculum have been included in order to keep them updated with the platform’s new products, case studies, learning, and features.”

The course announced in January is a new step in Facebook’s ongoing Journalism Project. It is a means for Facebook to strengthen its position as a platform for publishing news as well as separating them from fake news. The three-course curriculum may sound like a lengthy work but in actual it’s not. Each course is just of 10 minutes duration, at the end of the curriculum is a test of 45 minutes. This course is a great compilation of practices for people who are interested in exploring how they can use Facebook for sharing and publishing the authentic news.

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