Share Stories on Instagram through direct messages

Since Instagram has introduced Stories to the platform, it has introduced many updates for increasing its usefulness for users. But among all the other tools and instruments, Instagram has long been missing one its most important tools of all, user’s ability to share a story through direct messaging.

The ability of Direct Messages has recently been introduced by Instagram for its Stories feature, Instagram blog post stated. For using the update, users just need to tap the new direct icon at the bottom of the screen while viewing one. Then the users need to select a friend or groups for sharing it with.

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But for sharing, there are few limitations for users to keep in mind. For example, the shared stories will only last as that of the original post itself. This clearly indicates that these will disappear from a user’s DM within a period of 24 hours. Users who do not like to share their stories with others can easily disable the DM sharing in their settings. Moreover, Instagram users with private account, will not have their stories shared with non-followers in the first place.

The Direct Messages feature may not have appeared for most of the Instagram user but it is being rolled out globally and will be available to everyone over the coming weeks.

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