Portrait lighting is the new amazing feature in Apple’s iPhone 8

Portrait Lighting is the new feature that has been introduced for Apple’s iPhone 8 camera. This is the feature that works in addition to the smartphone’s existing Portrait mode. The company has made use of the machine learning in order to make the feature work when the images are taken in the camera. It allows users to change the lightening effects in the preview or once the photo has been captured with the help of photo apps.

Apple has taken its photography effects on a broader level with this app and has made the technology available on the camera for its users. Last year, Apple introduced the portrait mode for allowing users to create to intensify with a fake bokeh effect. This effect was used to blur the background in a photograph. This new lighting effect takes the camera capability on an advanced level by allowing lighting tweaks in a photograph. This is something unique as it is not possible to get the lighting effect outside of a studio setting or except the use of expensive pro lights in an ordinary situation. According to Apple, this new effect is actually the analysis of the entire scene. It has the ability to automatically make adjustments in the actual image information including highlights and exposure. In order to create dynamic lighting effects, the adjustments are made in various areas.

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The iPhone 8’s camera is fully utilized for creating this exclusive effect and is expected to make the Instagram feed much better.

Via: Tech Crunch

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