Android backups are being deleted by Google if you don’t use phone

Unless a phone is left idle, Google has made it pretty easy for Android users to migrate from one device to the other. It has removed the need to set up the handset all new. But recently, a user complained that his backup started to get automatically deleted without any notification.

According to the user, the incident took place when he replaced his Nexus 6P handset with an older iPhone while he was searching for a more practical Android device. By looking at his Google Drive backup folder he noticed that his Android backup for the 6P was missing and there was no recovery to it. He was unaware of the update by the company that states that all backups automatically got assigned expiration date once the phone is left idle for two weeks or longer.

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The warning does indicate for deleting backups after two weeks of keeping the device idle but no notification, email, or proactive is sent to the user. Google gives no indication that a backup is due for removal. According to Google, Android users may see an expiration date for their backup after two weeks. In the backup section of the Google Drive app, the Android users can also get the information that a when the device was last backed up and when it will expire. The users are also encouraged to leave feedback for improving the experiences on Android.

it is the case that after two weeks, you may see an expiration date for your backup on Android. According to a 9to5Google report, backups would last for about 10 before they expire. Users can see when their devices were last backed up and when these backups expire in the Backup section of the Google Drive app for Android. We’re always looking to improve the user experience on Android, and so we encourage users to leave feedback, as outlined in this forum post. – Google Spokesperson

The clarification by Google has made it easier for users to know how long the backups are stored before getting deleted and how to be notified before everything vanishes.

Via: TNW

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