Learning and knowledge sharing helps one to become successful

Learning can be done by observing, practicing, reading, listening, and watching.

I have been Engaging Publicly since 2014 by openly sharing knowledge and experiences in different sessions. I have been delivering Training since 2000 however those pieces of training were within the ambit of my Job and were not for the general public.

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Since 2014, I have been delivering sessions in different places within Pakistan was fortunate enough to be a Key Speaker at a Conference at Brunel University UK back in 2017 and to deliver a 30-minute session to MBA Students at the University of Surrey UK back in 2019.

Last year, I started my venture Toosy Advisory Services, and left my Job. A business Lead triggered that decision the Lead which has not matured into a Sale yet. However, I was persistent in working towards my vision to establish Change Management & Lean Six Sigma Competence within Pakistan and Beyond. To increase my competence at Consultant Level I had to study deeper and get more knowledge and skills.

Lean Six Sigma and Change Management is an area where there are limited physical books available in Pakistan.

I leveraged technology and got a paid subscription to a Learning Resource which had several videos and books on Change Management & Lean Six Sigma. I have since read more than 70 books on these two topics.

I was a Six Sigma Black Belt since 2008, studied and researched Change Management at the University of Surrey back in 2006, and have been involved professionally in these two areas ever since.

Being an advocate of the Lean Startup Methodology I have been propagating startups to find a Unique Value Proposition and create an unfair advantage. To create a Product based on Build, Measure & Learn Loop, to create a Minimum Viable Produce and enhance it based on Customer Feedback, I have also been a propagator of the concept of Self Reflection.

In September 2019, I self-reflected and thought for a moment what was my unique value proposition. Being a Black Belt was not unique as nearly all the other consultants were Black Belts.

So, I started to explore how to become a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is the highest level of competency as the name suggests. Becoming that would be a Unique Value Proposition, especially in Pakistan. While searching on LinkedIn, I could not find any Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt who was present in Pakistan.

I went to the United Kingdom and did a Refresher of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt & also became a Lean Six Sigma Certified Master Black Belt. December 13th, 2019 will always be a memorable day for me. A day when I achieved a milestone.

I have been involved in the Institute of Change and Transformation Professionals Asia (ICTPA) as a Country Representative in Pakistan for a year now. In February 2020, we had an agreement that I can start Co-Branding my Training with ICTPA within Pakistan.

While I was planning to Launch Co-Branded Training and Certification, COVID-19 struck Pakistan and the Stay Home Stay Safe campaign started. COVID-19 being potentially fatal for the Elderly compelled me to take extra care considering that I live with my parents. So my Launch of Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification in a Physical Form was put on hold. During the Lockdown, I developed my Training Material from 52 Unique books and have referred to each slide I compiled to its source.

I was blessed enough to have engaged with the Asian Institute of Technology’s Training and Consulting Wing which is called AIT Extension. Eventually, we have now got into a Joint Venture to Start different pieces of training which will include Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification. During COVID-19 it would be delivered Digitally through Zoom & other platforms while post-COVID-19, we would be delivering it Physically on AIT Premises.

This has been a big breakthrough and could be taken as that the Unique Value Proposition has yielded results.

For my Journey, this is a Milestone and the moment I get complacent — I will become Irrelevant. To survive and thrive I would need to keep myself current with the new trends and knowledge, I will have to keep on updating my Training Material. And my Learning Journey would have to be continuous.

Change is a constant and similarly every knowledge area evolves. If one does not stay on top of the latest updates in one’s knowledge area the person would eventually lose the status of Being a Guru.

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