3 Secrets of effective learning

It is no doubt that educators are always on the lookout for ways to make their teaching more effective. But it seems that the secret to effective learning may be less studied than it should be.

When you start your job, you are bombarded with new concepts such as email click-through rate, bounce rate, email service provider, etc. it feels like you are a complete beginner whereas you should be making an impression on the first day. You, sometimes over-exert yourself in hopes to possess the knowledge which you actually don’t. You feel that there is a lot that you should have read about the related company.

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But you must understand that no amount of preparation can fully equip you for the knowledge and skills that you need to pick up during the practical work. You will gain knowledge when you will step into the field yourself. You can just make your learning effective and conquer the difficulties and salvage your impression in front of your manager. Following are the few secrets that can help you learn more effectively during the entire process:

1- Write down the new concepts:

In order to make your learning more effective, write down the concepts that you learn every day. Use notes and place them where you see them more often. Once you write down the new concepts, it will allow you to internalize the knowledge. It will not only help you to remember it more but will also save you from searching for again and again.

2- Ask questions that are meaningful:

You can learn more by asking questions that are appropriate. You can clarify your doubts by asking questions about things that actually trouble you. Ask the questions that apply to your field and think about how you can practice them. Once you ask meaningful questions your supervisor, will be able to answer specifically what you want. It will help you get meaningful insight into the market as well as show your boss that you have knowledge more than your specific job.

3- Make a list of things to learn:

Many people don’t give it importance but it is crucial to know what you want to learn the next day. Make a list of what you have already learned and made notes of what to do more research on. Once you know what you have to ask your supervisor, it will help familiarize you with the constantly increasing learning curve.

There is a lot of focus given to staying silent and listening more. But when it comes to gaining knowledge, silence is the last thing that can help you. You need to clarify your doubts instead, of assuming things and learn to use the acquired knowledge in the best possible way.

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