How To Train Your Mind For Effective Learning, Champions Guide.

According to researches, learning experiences enable people to use what they have learned in new settings. Learning not only changes the physical structure of the brain but also changes the functional organization of the brain. Learning is required by everyone to successfully transfer the complexities of modern world.

Parents set goals for their children to achieve in life. They raise their children by teaching them the skills that lead them closer to their lofty goals. But they do not realize that by improving the methods of learning can have a greater impact on their children’s lives.

In the modern era, cognitive science has enhanced the nature of competent performance. The information has become readily available and we can actually learn the fundamental core principles faster.

Learning can be made faster by following proper guidelines.

Multitasking doesn’t work:

Some of the people apply multitasking strategy to the learning process. You can break down a lengthy process into steps and give full attention to each step. Multitasking would only give you a partial understanding of the topic or a concept, but for gaining full competency you will have to focus at one thing at a time.

Write down whatever you learn:

Digital world has changed the manners when it comes to writing. Kids instead of taking notes on a paper have become more accustomed to taking notes on laptops or tablets. But researches have proved, that students who write down points with a pen and paper method, are more likely to remember the facts, sorting out new ideas, and synthesizing new information.

Learn from mistakes:

The basic idea behind learning is to make attempts, fail, and find the reasons that failed you in the process. Failures offer tons of knowledge to kids and enable them to make better choices with further attempts of perusing their goals.

Being optimistic:

Pessimism can be toxic to learning; it stresses kids and discourages them from proceeding in life. Their stress levels rise and they cannot make better use of their abilities. According to Alison Woods, Professor at Harvard Business School,

“Anxiety precludes you from exploring real solutions and the real thought patterns that will come up with solutions”.

Parents must teach their kids to keep an open mind when it comes to finding solutions to complex problems. They should encourage their children to take learning as an exploration opportunity.

Explore new topics:

It is human nature that we get bored if we continue with similar topics for a long time. Kids are more attracted to topics that are unique and weird. Learning should be made a fun experience rather then turning it into a cold hard fact.

Practice your skills:

Learning a skill is not enough; practicing it often can give more control over its principles. Practicing can make a skill more understandable in an individual’s mind and become easier for people to use it for their actions.

Skills are easier to pick up as individual parts:

Set smaller goals for bigger skills, learn step by step and you will understand all the points that are necessary to master the art. With time, you will be able to master the whole skill by accumulating the tiniest skills.

Spread the knowledge:

When you share your knowledge with other people, you refine your own understanding of it. Passing the information after receiving it can help you master the idea. You learn everything and gain supremacy by teaching it to other individuals.

Practice “Associate Learning”:

Sometimes understanding a complex topic becomes hard for children and makes them move away from learning. Parents should help their children by practicing associate learning; it is the art of relating a new topic with an already learnt concept. This will make it easier for children to make a connection with their previous learning and understand the topic more clearly.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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