Saudi man accidentally gifted two planes worth $300m to son on his birthday

A dad in Saudi Arabia accidentally bought two Airbus A350-1000s. He was searching for small scale models to present his son on his birthday but a language barrier resulted in one of the funniest headline stories of 2019.

According to the Middle East Monitor, the Saudi man whose identity is not yet revealed is an investor in the energy sector. His son is a big fan of planes. While searching for small models of planes to gift on his son’s birthday, he called Airbus.

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It is the world 2nd largest aviation company. He wanted to place an order for model planes, however, his lack of communication and clarity in the English language caused communication barrier and resulted in a big confusion.

“They asked so many questions about interior and exterior, I just thought they make very accurate scale models,” the Saudi said.

The company presented the final price of $365 million and that apparently did not bother the Saudi investor much. “I got lost in currency conversations, thought about the price, little expensive but it’s okay”.

A few months later, Airbus called him to inform the planes are ready to be delivered. When asked “who will fly the plane?”, the Saudi guy took it as a joke but soon found out that he has accidentally purchased two real Airbus planes.

Now, the man has decided to keep one of the planes and give another as a gift to his cousin.

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