Earn $10,000 from Facebook’s Libra – If You Can Break It

Independent association tasked to look after Facebook’s cryptocurrency “Libra” has announced a public bug bounty.

In a blog post yesterday, the Libra association disclosed that it is offering as high as $10,000 to security researchers, ethical hackers who can find major flaws in the blockchain and help in getting it fixed.

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The bug bounty was initially rolled out when Facebook officially announced plans for its own Cryptocurrency and blockchain “Libra”.

Initially, it was a selected group of security researches, now anybody who is a subject matter expert can join the program,

If people are going to rely on Libra for their everyday financial needs, it is critical that the infrastructure behind it be dependable and safe.

Full details of the bug bounty program are live on HackerOne. It must be stated that the security researchers will work on TEST net of Libra and there is no surety if the program they have worked on will officially be rolled out publically by Facebook.


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