Samsung users experiencing burnt-in pixels

When a phone making company unveils its latest flagship device, the stakes are high even in normal circumstances. The past few months have been anything but not normal for Samsung. The launch of Galaxy S8, which is the only chance for the company to redeem itself after the Galaxy S7’s fiasco, is widely seen under serious trouble.

After the availability of the device, customers are continuously finding new issues with the all-new handset. Recently, a new issue has been reported by one of the owners of the Samsung galaxy S8. The owner complains the appearance of burnt-in pixels on the screen of the new device. It’s been over a week the owner had been using the phone and the burnt-in pixels appeared on the lower part of the screen. This is the place where the Samsung’s new pressure sensitive on-screen home button resides.

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The burnt-in pixels basically refer to the permanent discoloration in AMOLED screens. This is mainly caused by irregular pixel usage as well as prolonged use of the static images. The concern had been originally reported by a Dutch user with Samsung on twitter but it was ignored by the company. The company assured the user that a technology has been applied to the Galaxy S8 that protects the screen against burn-ins.

According to the reports, Galaxy S8 has a new movable on-screen home button which means that the soft key ultimately changes its position on the screen in order to avoid burnt-in pixels. Since the launch of the Samsung’s new device, owners are complaining issues such as the mysterious red tint on the screens and several times rebooting of the phone on its own. For now, it is still unclear what actually is causing these problems and for how long these will persist.

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