Make your work and life easier with these simple changes

Work comprises a large part of person’s life. It is an area of life that is often ripe for a little perspective modification. But if you get completely caught up in a productivity mindset, your life turns into nothing more than an ongoing to-do list. A mental shift that enables you to start looking forward to your work and be more productive requires you to create a balance between work and life.

Regardless of what you do, there are some minor changes that can be made to be happier and successful. This task does not require you to focus on taking huge and radical steps instead just by incorporating simple changes, you can change your life for better.

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Reprogram your mind:

Although it is hard to stay away from negativity as it is all around you, but you can reprogram your mind to stay positive. There is no doubt that every negative though cannot be changed into a happy one but a change of though can help. For this purpose,

We need to create and repeat positive affirmations to ourselves. This will help to acknowledge the progress we have made and which areas need an improved.

For motivation, you need to surround yourself with positive people.

Negative thoughts should not be acknowledge.

For staying active, it is necessary to do exercise that will stop you from overthinking and over-analyzing.

Setting alarm half an hour earlier:

Setting the alarm half an earlier than your usual routine will help you get some extra time in the morning to do exercise, read, meditate, have breakfast with your family etc. This is the time which can prepare you for the rest of the day and learning to value every minute of your day.

Avoid to over-commit:

It’s easier to make commitments but it’s hard to keep up with them. Goal setting does sounds easy, but when you are working full time, you need to avoid to over commit.

Become less predictable:

Change your routine by breaking out of your comfort zone once in a week. Try to do something you haven’t done previously. You can try out a new restaurant or learn a new game. For becoming happier it is necessary to open yourself up to new experiences and recognize new opportunities.

Switch your complaining mode with expressing gratitude:

Expressing gratitude can make you feel better even in your darkest times. When things aren’t going your way, be thankful to whatever you already have. Keeping a weekly gratitude journal can help you bring a big change in your life. It will make you more optimistic about future. You will have an increased alertness, enthusiasm, and attentiveness. Studies have proved that people who express gratitude more are less prone to coronary heart diseases.

Stop comparisons with others:

By comparing yourself with others, you will just make you miserable and unhappy. You won’t get anything on losing your sleep over what others have and what you don’t have. Define your own success and struggle for it.

Via: Business Insider

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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