An ad blocker built for Chrome by Google

Ad blocking has existed for several years but it is still considered to be used by a few numbers of online users. These were introduced initially by non-mainstream software companies but now the ad blocking technology is being integrated into popular application suites from leading software companies such as Google.

Reportedly, Google has been working on a built-in ad blocker for its Chrome browser. This is expected to be made available in a few weeks of time. Google is the internet’s biggest advertising company and rolling out such a feature by the search giant will be a great help for filtering out certain types of ads that ruin the browsing experience for users. This includes pop-ups, sticky ads that acquire most of the space on the screen, auto-playing videos with sounds. It also will be helpful in controlling the prestitials which are the ads that are displayed to site’s visitors even before the home page is opened.

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Google is expected to be blocking ads alternatively on websites. It will block the offending ads and make the sire owners responsible for ensuring the ads they host are up to code. With the introduction of such an ad blocking facility will help Google to negate the user’s need for installing third-party extensions which charge advertisers a fee to be included in their programs and also to whitelist the advertisements. If Google finally comes up with its own solution, it will avoid payments for running ads.

Such a tool by Google seems at odds with its primary revenue source but the search giant thinks that this addition could actually deter people from restoring to other ad blockers in the long run.

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