Samsung Galaxy S8 could be powered by LG

After an extreme setback with the Note 7, Samsung has a lot of burden for its new Galaxy S8 flagship handset. The Note 7 batteries started catching fire soon after the device launched and caused annoyance among all its customers. First the company thought of it as a cause of defected battery inside the models. It then tried to change with China’s ATL but nothing changed even with the replaced batteries. This continued until Samsung finally made a decision to halt the sale of Galaxy Note 7.

The company has gone through a lot and wants to make everything perfect this time even if it has to purchase batteries from its opponents. The upcoming S8 phone is expected to be launched in the next year. For this device Samsung is looking for battery suppliers other than itself. For making its phone a success this time, the company does not even hesitate to make purchases from its arch rival LG.

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Being rivals from the early days, Samsung and LG are basically competing equally on the same grounds. They are not very much eager to do business together but Samsung is bound to rely on LG Innotek for its camera elements. With everything at stake for Samsung, the company can sweep old grudges under the rug for the time being. Although no official deal has been signed by both companies but as the launch for S8 is approaching so Samsung won’t waste time much time to decide finally on its supplier.

 Source: Korea Herald

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