No Censoring of ‘Newsworthy’ posts and images by Facebook

Certain graphic images are mostly censored in the media due to underlying ethical and potential issues. This kind of mass exposure can have an intense effect on the audience. This is the very reason for Facebook to ban the historic Vietnam’s war image that was referred to as “Napalm girl”. But the company faced an extreme response for its action. Therefore it apologized for banning the image and is now planning to change its censoring policies regarding the “newsworthy, significant, and important” content that can provide a better understanding of an event and the news itself.

According to Facebook, in the coming weeks it will incorporate such images no matter they are against the community standards. The company will be working with its partners on the enforcement policies and censorship tools. It aims to show such images to people who are interested in viewing and also not letting minors to have a look at it.

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It will not be easy for Facebook to keep everyone happy with its censoring policies as limitations are different in every culture. It is not possible to keep all 1 billion users on one page. But Facebook is making it clear for the reasons behind it and also sharing the process with its users to understand.

Via: TheNextWeb

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