A Guide to Remove Blue Tick from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Under Elon Musk‘s direction, the blue tick on Twitter has gone from being viewed as a mark of credibility to something that anyone with Rs 900 can purchase.

The most recent upgrade doesn’t even tell users if the blue tick is a part of a legacy verification or the Twitter Blue subscription due to the constantly shifting restrictions. The same is valid for the social media network that Meta owns, where members can now pay Rs 1,450 per month to get a blue checkmark as part of the Meta Verified program.

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This account is verified because it subscribes to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account, according to the current definition of the blue tick mark on Twitter.

The most recent News Guard article states that since Twitter Blue was launched, Blue subscribers have been flooding Twitter with bogus information. As a result, many old-school Twitter verified accounts are attempting to remove their blue tick.

If you’re one of those individuals, follow these steps to disable or get rid of the blue tick from your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

For users of Twitter Blue, it’s significantly simpler.

Subscribing to Twitter Blue is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the blue tick from your Twitter account. Although it might sound a little perplexing, Twitter subscribers have the choice of either hiding or showing their blue tick.

According to a number of reports, individuals who have stopped paying for Twitter Blue still see a blue tick next to their usernames.

How do I get rid of the Instagram and Facebook verification badges?

The Meta Verified users can stop paying for the subscription, which will automatically remove the verification badge, even though there is no setting to enable or disable the verification badge on Meta’s Facebook and Instagram.

An even simpler method is provided by Instagram, where users can access settings, select the option for verification, and then select Remove Verification to remove the checkmark.

The removal of the verification badge from Facebook and Instagram must also be requested by the legacy verified accounts via a message to Meta.

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