Meta Suspends Remote Hiring, Following Massive Layoffs


Facebook’s parent company Meta, has recently announced mass layoffs that are affecting thousands of employees, and now the owner of Facebook decided to stop hiring remote workers. The decision to freeze remote jobs is because of recent layoffs and the company needs to restructure.

A spokesperson of Meta said in a statement that the company cannot hire new remote workers for now because they are in the position of transition and working to generate a Metaverse platform.

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The news is for those candidates who are looking for remote jobs in Meta, but it is important to note that this is a temporary freeze, Meta will resume hiring in the future.

Meta has removed the remote-friendly key description from their company’s official website. The given description states that at present, remote jobs are accessible in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Furthermore, there are plans to broaden the scope by adding more job roles in diverse locations in the future.

Those Candidates who were disappointed after the Meta announcement of freeze hiring can look for other job opportunities because there are many jobs in the job market that are hiring remote workers. This is a good idea to keep an eye on new job listings and build your network with professionals in your field.

Freezing remote jobs could be a sign that Meta’s owner wants to shift the focus towards the immersive metaverse more than the transitional remote work. This could be the reason that the company needs employees who are willing to work on-site than remotely.


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