Podcast Tab Added to YouTube Channel Pages

YouTube has introduced the new feature of the podcast tab to the channel page. The user will access podcast content easily by using the new tab.

This feature, allows creators to showcase their podcasts on their channel page. The new feature is called “Podcast Tab”. It can be found on the left side of the YouTube channel page.

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The new podcast tab will be placed between the Live and playlist tabs on the channel page. This tab will display all the podcasts in one place. The company believes that this new feature of the podcast tab will enable users to find the podcast tab easily. Users had to search by name or search manually the playlist tab for the podcast content earlier. This feature is available now globally.

Google is also working on this update for YouTube Music, says an online Report. Google is working on introducing the podcast tab in YouTube Music which is in the testing phase. After launching this feature, YouTube Music will display appropriate podcasts in the app.  This app will be available for a small group of people & it is now in the testing process.

This is designed to be easy to use & it has a simple interface that allows viewers to search through the creator’s podcasts library. Every podcast episode is available in a playlist with a complete description and duration. Viewers can easily access to podcast tab and can listen to any podcast directly from YouTube.

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