Personality Strengths Of An Interesting Person

Most of the people see themselves as boring as or less interesting than the rest. This makes them minimize their social contact and feel very conscious while interacting with people. But surprisingly, a person’s net worth, the accomplishments, or popularity has nothing to do with making them interesting. These are just the factors that create a curious image that others may find appealing but the key to becoming interesting is not what a person has achieved.

Being interesting is being who you are as a person. You become more interesting when you show your authentic self to the people. Good news is that there are ways that can help you to become a more interesting person by convincing people and more importantly, your own self that how fascinating human being you are.

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Telling a good story:

You may have more knowledge than the rest of the people around you. But you don’t have that skill to express it to others in an interesting manner. This is when you should learn how to become a good storyteller. Just don’t say whatever comes into your mind during a conversation, you must shape whatever you want to say and then present it to other people.

Be compassionate:

People get attracted to those individuals who are compassionate. You should be interested in other people and in this way, they will get interested in you. For this purpose, listen to others carefully and be compassionate to understand their motives and actions. You may not be very good at this in the beginning but as you will practice, you will become much better and will master the art.

Be thoughtful while asking questions:

Being interesting does not require you to keep on talking about yourself. As people will listen more about you, they will become less interested in your talk. Therefore, develop the habit of listening to others and asking questions when you need to. But don’t just keep on throwing questions, it is best to be very thoughtful while asking questions from other people. Ask questions that are based on other people’s interest and priorities and will make you even more interesting person.

Pursue your own interests:

People will take interest in you when you have something unique to work on. You must pursue those fields for your career that you find interesting instead of the following something blindly. In this way, when you will have something unique to work on, you will have a lot of interesting stuff to describe to other people.

Become a reader:

You can gain a lot of knowledge through books. Books can give you immense information regarding different countries, history, and cultures. When you will expose yourself to new stories and ideas, you will become better at empathy and understanding others. By opening up yourself to the world of books, you will fill yourself up with knowledge and information that other people will like to learn from and will become interested in whatever you do. For this reason, when you study the reading habits of successful people, you find that people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett read 50 books a year.

Develop a sense of humor:

Being very serious makes you boring in the eyes of other people. Therefore, develop a little sense of humor in your interactions with other people, it also creates curiosity. Develop a habit to be happy no matter how bad the situations is to learn to see the lighter side of it.

Stay around interesting people:

The people you stay with influence a lot on your personality. Therefore, stay among the people who are interesting and not boring. You can join groups that are motivated to pursue their own interests and passion.

Improve your skills:

In daily life, you need to improve your skills. For this purpose, practice the art of improvisation to improve your communication skills. the reason is that it makes you a better listener that focus on what other people are saying instead what you are going to tell them next.

Be unconventional:

For becoming interesting, it is important that you do something that is not conventional. Do something that is different from everybody else but in a decent manner. Think about taking unusual experiences that you have not done before. There is always something that you have not done and you must learn how to make it better.

Spend time with people who appreciate you:

You may feel not fit into your group because these are the people who have a completely different way of thinking than yours. For that purpose, find a community of people who actually understand you and how much you have to offer. Meet new people, hang out with different crowds, and stay among people with a completely different outlook for life.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)