A teen sues Apple for $1 billion

According to a Bloomberg report, an 18-year-old Ousmane Bah was arrested from an apple store and charged with stealing, this all happened on the basis of one security cam picture. The guy is the picture is not Ousmane and the authorities were mistaken.

His face was mistakenly identified to the thief’s name in the Apple Store’s facial-recognition system. What happened is a masterpiece of theft, something on the lines of a great Hollywood movie script. Here is what could have happened. Ousmane lost his driving licence some time back and the thief used it for facial recognition in one of Apple’s store.

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With all the embarrassment that is caused to Ousmane over non-justified, mistakenly arrest, the teen has sued Apple for $1 billion.

The case pushes the case for strengthening the facial recognition system and making it more accurate, powerful. Currently is not perfect, doesn’t double check the identities.

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