Passwords can be snipped by the hackers through brainwave signals

In the online world, your password is you. It is considered a key to your online existence whether it unlocks your smartphone, computers, email accounts, banking and credit cards, or website accounts. Losing a password means losing the entire existence. The researchers have proved that no password can be 100% secure as hackers can steal passwords and PIN numbers by analyzing your brainwave signals.

Recently, information was collected from the electroencephalography (EEG) headsets which are used to sense the electrical activity inside a human brain. Use of these headsets is becoming increasingly popular among gamers around the world. Using their brain signals, these headsets allow them to control different characters. The study was carried out on 12 people who were asked to type a series of randomly generated PIN numbers with 37.3 percent accuracy by using a physical keyboard. With the entrance of characters, an algorithm was created to make educated guesses regarding the PINs with w 43.4 percent rate of success and the six-character passwords with 37.3 percent accuracy.

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This has raised so many concerns regarding the security and privacy threats as companies are developing advanced brain-computer interface technology. The biggest example of which is the working of Facebook towards developing mind reading technology that will allow users type words directly from their brain. The researchers have therefore have start contacting the EEG headset manufacturers to make the disruption of the signals possible when a user logs in to the account.

Via: Independent

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