Tech skills to earn money in 2017

For talented tech workers, there are impressive salaries being offered in the industry. A lot of workers consider money as their biggest goal and acquire skills that make them earn more money. These are the skills that pay them forever.

Recently a survey report has been released according to which there are some specific skills that pay more to the tech workers than the rest. This list provides us a better understanding of the jobs that can provide us with best salaries. To be more lucrative, the following is the list of top skills that provide bigger salaries to those who are proficient in them.

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  1. High performance analytical application: HANA
    Salary: $128,958
  2. MapReduce:
    Salary: $125,009
  3. Cloud Foundry:
    Salary: $124,037
  4. Hbase:
    Salary: $123,934
  5. Omnigraffle:
    Salary: $123,782
  6. Cassandra:
    Salary: $123,459
  7. Apache Kafta:
    Salary: $122,728
  8. SOA:
    Salary: $122,094
  9. Ansible:
    Salary: $121,382
  10. Jetty:
    Salary: $120,978
  11. Paas:
    Salary: $120,403
  12. Elasticsearch:
    Salary: $120,002
  13. ABAP:
    Salary: $119,961
  14. NoSQL:
    Salary: $119,498
  15. CMMI:
    Salary: $119,466
  16. Amazon Redshift:
    Salary: $119,197
  17. Pig:
    Salary: $119,118
  18. Solr:
    Salary: $119,032
  19. Cloudera:
    Salary: $118,896
  20. Docker:
    Salary: $118,873

Via: Forbes

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